Oily Skin Emulsion

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Weightless, Matte Skin Finish

Our salon strength fluid emulsion addresses the needs of your oily skin. Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract reduces excessive oil production, Mastocarpus Extract soothes and Witch Hazel Extract is astringent yet healing. Our weightless emulsion will leave your skin matte and your pore size refined whilst oil levels are balanced. 

Why you'll love this product...

It’s a weightless emulsion to leave your skin completely matte. Protected from outside aggressors, dirt and pollution particles it reduces excess sebum production by 91% without harsh, skin stripping ingredients.

It’s a kind and gentle alternative to many products made for oily skin. It also helps to reduce open pores making your skin look smoother. It’s skin healing ingredients help to restore and repair damaged skin, which is often the result of spots. 

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