Nurturing Night Balm

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Overnight Treatment for Dry and Very Dry Skin

A dual textured balm-oil which offers overnight recovery to your dry or very dry skin. Our salon strength balm combines the nutritive power of an oil along with the deep penetration of a serum. Packed with Omega Oils and Vitamins A, C, E and B help to defend skin against oxidative stress and environmental damage.

Your skin will become plump, supple and illuminated with health.

Why you'll love this product...

It’s a dual texture salon strength balm offering the versatility of its changing texture. From a balm to the nutritive power of an oil. A powerhouse of high-performance ingredients. Perfect if you love the texture of an oil but don’t like a greasy skin finish.

It’s packed with Omega Oils with vitamins A, C, E & B to defend your skin from the ageing effects of reactive oxidative stress and environmental damage.

What’s more you will find immediate relief from tight uncomfortable dry skin. Over time your dry skin will become plump, supple and glow with health. Milia will be dispersed into your skin. With ongoing use they are less likely to return.

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