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Age Defence Formulation for Dry Skin

Our salon strength boost is a unique treatment for your dry skin. Concentrated with seaweed and plant peptides to enhance the youth mechanisms and natural oil production of your dry skin. Your skin will be plumped, supple, comfortable and protected, while increased cellular energy over time brings a ‘new skin’ effect. 

Why you'll love this product...

It’s a high-performance lightweight emulsion. It’s not oily. It doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin’s surface, it works by stimulating your skin to produce its own oil. It’s easily absorbed, it will bring immediate comfort to your dry tight skin. It will feel supple and look dewy and healthy. 

Overtime your skin will recognise the ingredients and know what to do with them. Transforming the way your skin works on the inside and how it looks on the outside. Relieving the discomfort of your dry skin and igniting the youth mechanisms. Helping to disperse milia and preventing them from appearing so frequently. 

Without careful treatment uncared for dry skin will become dryer it loses density and ages quickly. We correct the deficiencies of a dry skin and work on the youth and vitality of your skin.  

Failing to care and correct your dry skin will lead to sensitivity and sometimes to Rosacea later in life.

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