White Branch

Soprano-Ice Laser Hair Removal

Liberate yourself from daily shaving and tedious plucking.  With Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ Laser Hair removal you can forget about expensive waxing, too.  Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ Laser hair removal combines cutting-edge medical laser technology with the comfort and convenience of a trip to the medi spa. The breakthrough, revolutionary technology has been described as one of the most comfortable hair removal options available. This Laser is suitable for men and woman and effective on all skin types.
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Wax Removal


Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. The effects last for between 2-6 weeks – depending on the individuals rate of hair growth, the time of year and how long you have been having the area waxed.  Hygiene is of the utmost importance to us, all of our wax and spatulas are disposable and we use only the best quality hot and strip wax.


Vita-Clear Facial

Deep cleansing treatment incorporating BHA's and potent antioxidants to penetrate deep into the pores to clear congestion. Works to calm inflamed skin, help control excessive oiliness, mattify the complexion and minimise future skin breakouts.


Vita-Clear Workout

Deep clearing Mandelic Acid Peel  utilises AHAs to quickly decongest, clarify and help control oil production. Proven anti-ageing ingredient Niacinamide and potent antioxidant Clove Oil. This peel improves surface congestion and reduces inflammation instantly. Effective yet gentle enough to receive regularly.

Back Massage


Relaxing and soothing de-stress massage using swedish massage techniques and a variety of aromatic coconut oils. We aim to reduce tension, calm the nervous system and ease tired, aching muscles, with time spent where most needed.


Hands and Feet

Male manicures and pedicures are simply designed to give a natural neat and healthy look to the hands and feet. Treatments involve a cleansing soak, file, buff & massage to create a natural, fresh look.