CIT - Collagen Induction Treatments

CIT/ Micro Needling Skin Renewal Consultation

An exciting treatment that triggers deep remodeling to the skin layers, triggering the repair response deep in the skin. Endorsed by skin specialists and loved by all who experience the results. Micro Needling treatment is a non-surgical solution that turns back time. It works by stimulating your body's natural collagen production, creating micro channels in the skin. Collagen and elastin production is increased, new skin cells are generated, blood supply is enhanced resulting in thicker, stronger epidermal skin. The new micro channels are an ideal pathway to deeply infuse and increase the penetration of peptides, vitamins, serums and growth factors. 

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CIT - Micro Needling Peel and Reveal Duo

Excellent trans-dermal delivery and exfoliation of dead skin cells,This treatment will help give you an instant refresh to your complexion with amazing results. 

Ask your therapist is this treatment is right for you. 

CIT - Micro Needling Ultimate Deep Renewal Pen

Experience CIT Collagen Induction Treatments next generation micro-needling with comfort and superior results. A system that can be adjusted to your facial requirements with ease. Whilst minimizing the usual down time with stamping and rolling. This is a complete results driven treatment with fantastic skin remodeling actions, including three powerful advanced collagen and elastin stimulation treatments. Improving hydration, firmness, reduces pigmentation, strengthens structure, lessens scarring, reduces fine lines plus much more.

Images Medispahas experienced skin technicians able to discuss your own personal skincare program with results driven treatments. 

CIT - Eye Cell Firming Treatment

Target the first signs of ageing where it really counts. Improve dark circles, puffiness, line lines, firming and hydration. Stimulates your own collagen and elastin cells.
Recommended 1-week intervals as a series of 3-6.

CIT - Eye & Lip Firming Treatment

Treatment where its most needed in the eye and lip zone. Great intro to the amazing results we can achieve with our automatic micro needling pen, or as an in-between period alternated with full face treatment or other modalities.

CIT - Neck and Decollete

A firming and reconstructive treatment including the ares of your neck and decollete region.

CIT - Micro Needling Scar Treatment

Target areas on the face or body with micro-needling in order to encourage repairing and renewing actions. This treatment is suitable for acne, body scarring, milia removal and more. 
A single zone treatment is the size of the palm of your hand

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