CIT- Collagen Induction Treatments

What is CIT or Miro Needling?

-Experience next generation Genosys micro-needling Pen, with comfort and superior results. A system that can be adjusted to your individual facial requirements throughout the treatment with ease. Endorsed by skin specialists as an alternative to more invasive surgical or Laser resurfacing techniques. Micro Needling is a non surgical solution that turns back time.

How does it work?

-Stimulates your body's natural collagen production, and creating micro channels in the skin. Triggers natural skin regeneration. Collagen and elastin production are increased by up 800% and new skin cells are generated,blood supply is enhanced resulting in thicker, stronger epidermal skin.

What happens during the treatment?

-We start with our Observe Skin Scanner to photograph your skin and establish each clients unique concerns.The skin is prepped with our unique ‘Images treatment format” and a numbing cream is used if necessary.

Are there any special products used?

-New micro channels are an ideal pathway to deeply infuse and increase the penetration of advanced cosmeceutical serums such as growth factors, stem cells,peptides and collagen simulators for fabulous, outstanding results.  

How is my skin after the treatment?  

-With most treatments that are stimulating cellular renewal there is a mild -medium pinkness to the areas treated,most clients find this only lasts for 27-48 hours.Treatments include a home care guide of post care,recovery gel and any trial size products are included specific to your skins needs.For more information book a free consultation with your therapist.                                                                                                                90 Minute Treatment

 ONE TREATMENT-Befor and After

ONE TREATMENT-Befor and After