Massage & Day Spa Treatments

Velvet Skin Back Treatment & Massage

This treatment will ensure dry skin is gently exfoliated away followed by  relaxing and soothing massage using Swedish massage techniques and a variety of aromatic coconut oils.  We aim to reduce tension, calm the nervous system and  ease tired, aching muscles.

30 Minutes

Velvet Skin Body Treatment with Full Body Massage

 This treatment will ensure dry skin is gently exfoliated away before you enjoy a soothing body massage using Swedish massage techniques  and a variety of aromatic oils.We aim to reduce tension and calm the nervous system whilst leaving your skin velvety soft and smooth, feeling totally pampered and relaxed.

 60 Minute Treatment

Hot Stone Massage

Escape with our Hot Stone Massage which is the ultimate in deep relaxation and therapeutic bodywork. A totally indulgent treatment that incorporates the warmth of heated basaltic stones with massage therapy. We use smooth, heated stones to help warm up tight muscles. The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing the therapist to manipulate your deep tissues more effectively. 

60 Minute Treatment